Can you combine orders?

Yes.  We will combine orders but it is very important to know that when you place multiple orders - they will all be processed with the last order placed. 

When do orders ship AND fulfillment?

All orders are fulfilled and processed in the order in which they are received - ABSOLUTELY NO EXCEPTIONS!   If your order is received and you place multiple orders - all of your orders will be processed at the time of your last placement.  Placing multiple orders can result in throwing off our inventory. 

Our processing days are Monday through Friday.  We only ship on business days.  Saturdays are reserved for inventory and Sundays are reserved for family.  PLEASE RESPECT THESE DAYS.

When is it appropriate to contact CSC through social media platforms? 

Normal communication (does not include shipping issues or issues with your order) through ALL social media platforms should be during Monday through Friday - 9:00 - 5:00 - ONLY! 

I am NO LONGER communicating on social media regarding orders, shipping or processing.  YOU NEED TO EXPRESS ALL OF YOUR CONCERNS VIA EMAIL - ONLY.

Where do you ship?

At this time we currently ship to the United States, Canada, and all International locations. We are everywhere you want us to be.

Where is the best platform to send inquiries regarding my tracking number and/or order?

The best and only way for your inquiries to be seen is through email.  All inquiries regarding tracking numbers, orders, or expected date of delivery will ONLY be responded to via email.

What is the average turn around time (a.k.a. TAT)?  

Under normal business volume - average turn around time is 4-7 business days. Business days are Monday through Friday and do not include Saturday and Sunday.   We make every effort to get orders out as soon as possible.  There may be unforeseen circumstances that may delay an order and we do our best to avoid that.  If a delay should happen, we make sure your order is packed with extra love...to keep you coming back!

I received my order and some of my products have melted. Can you replace them?

All products that are made from ingredients like cocoa butter (bubble bars) and soy wax (wax melts and candles) are packaged and shipped with extra packaging and labeled with "AVOID DIRECT SUNLIGHT" attached.  In extreme heat situations - ice packs or ice brix are included to help your products arrive in tact.  If they have melted in transit it is not the responsibility of Confectionery Soaps Co. to replace them.  All products that contain ingredients that are susceptible to melting are  "order at your own risk" and will not be replaced. 

I have two different size SAMPLES, why?

SAMPLES - as with any company, are a generous gift from the company to the customer.  Although we LOVE to give SAMPLES here at CSC, SAMPLES are provided as a complimentary item only and are not guaranteed to be in every order as they are provided while supplies last. 

Do you refund for shipping overages?

Check out all of our shipping and return policies. The answer is Yes - with certain conditions.

But the colors in my products aren't the same as the picture online, why?  

Product colorants are subject to change without notice.  We do our best to ALWAYS match our colorants, however if for some reason we do not have all colors for a product at the time of production, we will either sub one of the colors or omit it all together until that specific color is back in stock.  

Can I do a CSC custom order?

Yes! We strive to accommodate all custom orders, within reason. We have been involved in weddings, birthdays, networking events and even a subscription box! If you are interested in placing a custom order, please contact us. Please note - there are NO custom orders accepted during a launch, restock, or sale.  

Does CSC do wholesale?

Yes. If you are interested in setting up a wholesale account, please contact us.  We do not have a list of "pre-set" pricing as we work directly with companies to accommodate and fulfill their requests as best as possible.  Currently, CSC is a featured product in eight stores and have successfully collaborated in four monthly subscription boxes.

Do your products stain the bathtub?

No, our products do not stain the tub! We use an ingredient called Polysorbate 80, which is a safe, nonionic surfactant and emulsifier often found in cosmetics. Using Polysorbate 80 eliminates the color ring around the tub.  We ALWAYS suggest using bubble bars and bath bombs (any bath product with color added) in a freshly cleaned bathtub and/or shower.  The reason for this is - the colorant used in our products DOES NOT stain, but it will adhere to residual soap (also known as soap scum) that already exists around the tub.

I have a question or a comment, is it best to leave it on social media?

No.  Although we try to respond on every platform, it is always BEST to leave your question or comment here on the website.  We are not always on social media but we are always on here and will definitely see your question or comment.

I have sensitive skin -  Are your products okay to use?

Absolutely! All of our products are created with all-natural, organic ingredients and can be used for all skin types!